Welcome to the New LehmanHFeeders.com!

Welcome to the New LehmanHFeeders.com!

At Lehman H. Feeders, we embrace quality. That’s why our feeders, deer stands and other products continue to be constructed with the lasting and premium materials you know and trust. That’s also why we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! With an increased online presence, we plan to boost the quality of our customer service and availability. We know that when you aren’t in the stand, you’re working just as hard elsewhere and may not have the time to make a trip down to our factory. That’s why we made all of our product information available online. You can now browse the finest in feeders, stands and accessories from the comfort of your home or your smartphone.

built-strongFor now, all orders and pricing will take place in-store or over the phone, but not for long! Our online store is currently under construction. We’re assembling it with the same care and precision as our trusted products, so you know it will be worth the wait! (Maybe we’ll even make it Lehman Feeder green!) When you call for more information about a feeder, you’ll be speaking to the actual factory that assembles our products right here in the United States. We can assist you in purchasing the best product for your needs and even refer you to one of our trusted dealers nearest you!

While the construction of our feeders, stands and accessories will remain firmly on the old-fashioned path of handmade, American craftsmanship, we’re embracing a valuable online presence to better serve our customers in this tech-savvy world. We can’t wait to hear from you and hope that our new website helps you to compare and choose the best products for your needs.



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